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Mobolaji Ishola

Section Pastor

Pastor Dayo has been mentored by several great men of God and knows the importance of having strong spiritual leadership in one's life. His door is always open to help, teach, coach and mentor young people so they can find and walk the path that God has set for them. He believes that God has a plan and a purpose for everyone; all you have to do is “seek, listen and obey!”

Mobile: 08035826300
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook ID: Mobolaji Ishola
Twitter ID: Mobolaji Ishola


How God's will is expressed in FINANCES

The key to realizing God’s will in the area of finances is a proper understanding of stewardship. We are merely stewards of God’s property while we are on earth in no case do we actually take ownership.
Once we accept our role as a steward and manage God’s resourses according to this direction, Gow ill entrust more and more to us. God will not force His will on us. Every parable that Christ told us about money tells us many things about the attitude He desires for us.
From the parable of the talents in Luke, it can be deduced that God will entrust us with that which is within our own ability and not beyond. Also God is the owner and has right to recover what he has given to us to manage and finally that God thoroughly disapproves of slothfullness on our part and expects multiplication of the assets He leaves us not just maintenance.
God’s wisdom in money will lead us to ask God for direction and not your own way and expect Him to bail us out.

Our Father

The use of the term Abba (Daddy, papa, baba) settles our relationship with God. He is our father; we become his sons or daughters through the invitation of Jesus didn't say pray this way; "Dear God father of Jesus". He gave us access to God by telling us to pray this way:"Our Father". This relationship assures us that God loves us no matter what we do, we don't deserve such love.
      The Father does not treat us as if we were lumps of clay to be thrown away but as his children whom He loves in a special way. Jesus took the burden of our sin in himself so that we can go to our Father in Jesus name. "Neither is there salvation in any other name under the heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved" (Acts 4:12).
 The term Abba also determines our relationship to our fellow human beings. God's family is all-inclusive look around you at your family. The next time you are angered by someone or you doubt the worth of a person as valuable. He is God's child too and related to you. This is really, the only true value of any person, that he is a child of God. We cannot pray "our father and despise or hate any man; that would be a mockery. Actually, we cannot go further in our prayers until we can settle this matter in our hearts and minds. These words “Our father" in their true meaning forbids us to do anything but love every man.