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Triumph Amidst Trials and Difficulties

Text: Dan 6:13-24, Ps 34:9

It is not out of place for people of God to face trials and difficulties in one time or the other, for we dwell and we interact with a tempting, hostile and pervasive world, we are saturated with traps, snares and wickedness of many kinds. It is all over the place and human being we cannot run away from them but even our Lord Jesus never promise a butter and bread kind of experience rather He said "In the world, you will have tribulations (trials and difficulties) but be of good cheers, I have overcome the world for you".

But it is quite unfortunate that many Christians nowadays, fall cheaply to trials and difficulties. Trials, temptations, and difficulties (etc) can be said to be of the same family, but each can stand alone to achieve the same purpose and each can come over ways through different mediums or means. It could be to test our righteousness and strength of character i.e. Adam and Eve Gen.3:1ff, at times find ourselves in unpalatable situations then we may even lack words to express what we are passing through, it is more difficult if we are the type that pray and fast a lot.

Daniel in Hebrew means "God, is my Judge or the judge of God", He was carried to Babylon when king Nebuchadnezzar first deportation of captives (jer.25:1, 46:2, Dan 1:1) but at every point of his trials he does not only prevailed but with promotion Dan2:4, 8:22. The Daniel is still alive and He will prove himself in your live too. But note these salient points.

(a) Trials are inevitable they will come when due, only pray for the Grace of God to overcome Matt.4:1-11, Lk.4:1-13.

(b) Do not pretend or try to run away from it but rather prepare hard to confront it with strength and wisdom of God (cor.10:12-13)

(c) Depend on God 24/7 “for by strength no man prevails” (1 sam.1:9b,prov.3:5-6)

(d) Always cross check the source of your ambitions

(e) Do not be over ambitious Samson was over ambitious about whom to marry Judges 16 and he paid dearly for it.

(f) Trials are to bring out the best in you, face it James 1:2-4 and 12

(g) It is to help you to know that you are limited and that the only unlimited Is God.

Brethren, we must be careful to note that if not well managed trials will lead to frustration and frustration does the following;
(1) It weakens life motivation.
(2) Frustration brings discouragement and lack of trust and confidence even in God and man.
(3) It leads to breaking down of communication between God and fellow human beings.

What you need to do is very simple especially if you are a child of God;
(a) Examine yourself critically in case you have erred somewhere sometimes and adjust you ways fact.
(b) Plead the Holyghost to open your sensitivity.
(c) Ask for God’s Grace to cope.
(d) Interact meditatively with scriptures you will see a similar experience then prayerfully aply the scripture.

Finally, be convinced beyond any doubt that you have predestined to overcome 2 Cor.2:14,Rom 8:37-39. Stay blessed.
Pastor Deji Adisa