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Where did it fall?

WHERE DID IT FALL? (II Kings 6:1-7)
“Life is beautiful”, they say and man has always been in pursuit of this beauty of life without been satisfied afterwards. There is the eager to achieve, accomplish, ’break record’, distinct, different, special etc. All of which are good for life. But the point of missing it is the route or channel we pass through in this labour (Matt6:33).
The company of the prophets desired an enlargement in their abode and they made a move (II kings 6:1-2). All of them went with different tools perhaps, cutlass and axes to cut down the trees they needed for building. Beloved did you know that you are a vessel or instrument in God’s hand to accomplish His divine purpose? Did you know that the Lord actually purposed you and prepared you for an intention in His Heart? The first challenge to you is that you are a mandate in God and not a mistake, you are complete in Him. Can you rise up to that?
Beloved, are you still with your axe head? Are you still complete and intact? Has God not lost His trust in you? Have you not disappointed Heaven? It is not a function of how God has used you as an axe to cut down trees of iniquity, unrighteousness, immorality , ungodliness, idolatry, sins of all kind before, the question is are you still with your head? “He that thinketh he stand should take head, lest he fall”.
Another challenge to you is how and where did your axe head fall. Was it not when you were so eager for the work of the Lord and gradually you went out of your place before God? Was it not when you were so engrossed with meetings, commitment, activities, and responsibilities of the Kingdom? You were not too careful, you were dying in the spirit and your axe head became loosed.
Where did your axe head fall? Was it not when you dambled intothat sin and because you felt you were unnoticed, you kept mute before men and God? Was it not a little act of impatience and disobedience just as king Saul did? Can you actually point it out (II kings 6:6).
Your haft cannot accomplish God’s purpose: there is a need for your axe head to be found, replaced and tightened. Was it when you were careless and you followed friends or took to their counsels? Was it when sinners enticed you (prov 1:10 Matt 13:25).
You must not pretend as if nothing has happened to you can you simply shout out to your Master (Jesus Christ) “Oh no, my Lord”! It was borrowed” (II king 6:5). You must as well know that you were bought with a price and must return home without any defect. You will only be a mirage, a waste of time and strength, resources if you would continue that way. Remember, your haft can even break!
Beloved, it is the desire of the father to restore you and bring you back into fulfillment of His purpose. He still loves you, He wants to lift out your axe head from the River (depth) which it had fallen into. He calleth thee!
• Run to Him now (Isaiah 1:18)
• Seek Him (Jer 33:3, Joel 2:32a)
• Take back your place (psalm 126:1, Joel 2:32b)
• Believe God and be freed from your guilt (Rom 8:1)
• Walk by faith and not by sight
• Be conscious that you are the light and salt of the earth (Matt 5:13)
God bless you.
Oniyide John Olusola









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This Week's Prayer Points


Celebrate God's faithfulness over His church.

O Lord! Give me lasting celebration that i will remember alway. Exodus 12:14

O Lord! Let my celebrating come at the oppinted time. Number 9:3

Lord, let me celebrate with great joy, without any mixture of sadness/sorrows. Number 8:12

Lord give me ceaseless celebration.

Lord, let people join me and celebrate your abundant in my family this month and beyond. Psalme 145:7

Lord, at this time of celebration, let every waiting mother conceive. Amen

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