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Issue in Biomedical Ethics: ABORTION

Regarding the nature and purpose of their article, I would avoid the discussion of a theological and scientific elaboration of the issue of abortion. I would nevertheless give some sound conclusion on the subject of abortion as obtained from most pertinent biblical, theological, historical and scientific data for a developing a basic Christian response.
Conclusion on the subject of Abortion.
1.    Abortion involves many completing values.We must never be so involved  in theoretical discussions about abortion that we overlook the human factors of prime importance are life of the mother, foetal life, and the genetic wholeness of the fetus.
2.    The sanctity of human life principle directs a powerful bias against killing fetal life. Since life is a gift from God and abortion is the termination of life, human life must be respected at all stages of development. The question is not when life begins, but whether life should ever be taken.
3.    The burden of proof always rests on those aborting. Two questions must be asked by anyone considering abortion. Would continuation of the pregnancy destroy more than it would preserve? Is God’s creative and redemptive will best served by abortion?
4.    Abortion on demand should be opposed as an abdication of moral responsibility. About 97% of all abortions are for social reasons and convenience, the so-called “Abortion on demand”. Abortion as a form of birth control or as an easy solution to a sexual mistake is morally reprehensible. To terminate the life of an unborn child singly because of financial, vocational, or other personal reasons is to devalue life.
5.    Christians should seek to influence society with values that uphold the sanctity of human life. The Christians should live as an alternate community, resident aliens whose counterculture ethic is a witness to a world living by false values.
       Abortion is sinful before God and warrants this heavy judgement. But have you aborted before? Or have you aborted for someone before? Or you impregnated a woman and the pregnancy leads to abortion? Repent and forsake your sin,God is merciful. He will pardon you.  But “go and sin no more”.









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    The Fountain of Praise and Power Baptist Church, Kuye, Ogbomoso on Saturday 3rd October, made history having ordinated the first Deacons and Deaconesses of the Church. The President Ogbomoso Baptist Conference, Reverend Doctor Israel O. Olaniyan in his sermon titled" Pioneering Deacon Ministry" charged the pioneers that they must have solid foundations for others that are coming behind for effective deacon ministry and likened them to the Seven Spirit-filled men in Acts Chapter 6 verse 1 through 7. Dr. Isreal further stated that the office of Deaconship is to advance the course of the church by meeting the physical needs of the congregation while the undersheperd is saddled with the responsibility of meeting the spiritual needs of the church. The eloquent cleric quoted copiously from the books of Acts 6, 1 Corithians 3 v 1-10 et cetera and he highlighted the following as keys of effective Deacon Ministry; building of solid and enduring foundation enhances Church growth; making ministry service a priority and not church adminstration, politics and appearance on church programs; taking special interest in hurting and indigent members such as widows, teenage mothers,unemployed youths and retrenched people; deacons should be redemptive in their modus operandi and not judgmental Read More
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This Week's Prayer Points


Celebrate God's faithfulness over His church.

O Lord! Give me lasting celebration that i will remember alway. Exodus 12:14

O Lord! Let my celebrating come at the oppinted time. Number 9:3

Lord, let me celebrate with great joy, without any mixture of sadness/sorrows. Number 8:12

Lord give me ceaseless celebration.

Lord, let people join me and celebrate your abundant in my family this month and beyond. Psalme 145:7

Lord, at this time of celebration, let every waiting mother conceive. Amen

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