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Response of Churches to the Contemporary Challenge of Homosexuality

In the Old Testament, four passages condemn homosexuality by illustration (Gen 19 and Judges 19) and by legislation (lev 18:22; 20:13). The holiness code clearly labeled male homosexual practice as an “abomination” (lev 18:22) and prescribed the death penalty for offenders (lev 20:13). A primary reason for God’s judgement upon Sodom and Gomorrah was the crime of homosexual rape (Gen 19:1-25; cf 2 Pet. 2:6-10 and Jude 7), a depravity also denounced among the inhabitants of Gibeah (Judge 19:22-38).
           In the New Testament, Paul censured homosexual behaviour(including lesbianism) as unnatural (Romans 1:18-27), incompatible with life in the kingdom of God (1 Cor. 6:9-10), and a violation of God’s law and the gospel (1 Tim 1:8-11). In his correspondence to the Christians in Rome, Paul justifies God’s wrath upon the Gentile world by counting their sordid record of idolatry, naming male and female homosexuality as proof of their rebellion (1:26-28).
In the light of biblical teachings and our present understanding, what should be our Christian response to homosexuality? In the Christian community today are three basic attitude:
1.    Homosexuality is the most degrading type of sin and homosexual orientation and behaviour must be strongly resisted;
2.    Homosexuality is a biological condition that should be accepted as normal, as should faithful and long homosexual unions;
3.    Homosexual orientation or inclination is a treatable abnormality influenced by genetic and social factors, but homosexual behaviour is outside the will of God and is an illegitimate expression of human sexuality.
        To respond to the contemporary challenge, Christians and churches must move in two main directions: prevention and ministry. First, we must speak the truth about homosexuality. We must not shrink from declaring God’s view of homosexual orientation and behaviour. Christians are often accused of being unloving when they define homosexual conduct as immoral. Always we must be loving and fair when we voice opposition, but never does compassion require acceptance of a homosexual lifestyle.
          The second response needed from Christians and churches is a ministry to homosexuals that exhibits the love and compassion of Jesus. STANTON JONES says “If you cannot emphasized with a homosexual person because of fearof revulsion, then you are failing our Lord. You are guilty of pride, fear or arrogance. The church has a unique opportunity to demonstrate the very love, respect, acceptance and forgiveness that most homosexuals are looking for. We must deal with our own emotional responses, we must reject all negative and demeaning insults toward homosexuals, we must repudiate violence and mistreatment of homosexuals and above all, we must make the church a place where those who feel homosexual urges can be welcomed with gospel of faith and repentance in Christ.









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